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Research Mission

The IoDino Lab focuses on inferring and digitally reconstructing soft tissues in extinct vertebrates, specifically dinosaurs. We are particularly interested in the paleoneurology (evolved form and inferred function) of dinosaur brains. The shape, size, and known components of the brains of living dinosaur relatives are informative for reconstructing dinosaur brains from fossil endocasts. Ultimately, brain reconstructions may provide further details about dinosaur sensory, motor, and integrative capabilities, as well as the evolution of these systems. Our work requires techniques that are both classic and cutting-edge, including in anatomical dissection, diceCT staining, and digital visualization and reconstruction of anatomy. We work hands-on with modern and fossil specimens in our lab and in museum collections around the world.

Our Team Values

There is no singular way to succeed. As such, we are an inclusive, humanistic team, and we seek out collaborations that operate similarly. We value equity, sincerity, accountability, curiosity, creativity, personal expression, compassion, and generosity of spirit. Though we are human, we aim to make a positive and productive impact wherever we go and in whatever we do. 


Our location, both geographically and within a medical school, allows us amazing access to a diverse community of scholars, educators, students and citizens. Through our local engagement and social media, it is our continual aim to share our passion and knowledge of anatomy and paleontology, both in our surrounding communities and beyond. 

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